Turkey Hunting – The Secret – Part 3

By: Monte Perron

Streak of 24Now let’s talk about attitudes. Here are some of the attitudes that have empowered me:

First Attitude – Expect to Succeed

Why go into the woods if you do not expect to succeed? Expecting to be successful made all the difference in my Florida hunt. Beginning hunters must decide to have this attitude because they do not have previous experience to call upon.

 Let me be your mentor here by assuring you that, if you prepare yourself and put yourself in a place where there are turkeys, you have a GREAT POSSIBILITY of taking one home. Expecting success will make the outing more enjoyable from the start. It will also motivate you to stay out there. Finally, when you run out of daylight and still have an unfilled tag you will know that you are one hunt closer to success!

Second Attitude – Go The Extra Mile

Willingness to “go the extra mile” is an attitude that I call the “equalizer” because it can make up for most, if not all, deficiencies. For example, if you do not have great calling skills but you are willing to hunt longer or work harder at locating the “right” bird, you can overcome that weakness. If you sound anything at all like a turkey, the extra effort will eventually produce the “right” bird. The “right” bird will think your calling is “music to his ears” and come in to meet that beautiful hen. What he will find is a load of number sixes coming out of your ready shotgun. Go the extra mile. – it works!

Third Attitude – Be Aggressive

Remember we are talking about attitudes, not actions. In the turkey woods, being aggressive simply means to exercise your hunting style with passion. For example, if your chosen method of hunting is to wait in a likely area, then stay until other priorities or the end of legal hunting time forces you to leave. In this specific case, be aggressively patient. You are simply doing everything in your control.

Fourth Attitude – Be Persistent

Being persistent is simply a matter of deciding to keep trying. In my own case, I took my first deer on my second day in the woods. My second came eleven years later – eleven years of trying!

I gotta admit that I was both frustrated and discouraged during that long dry spell. What kept me going was a love of the outdoors and telling myself I had just gotten one hunt closer to success. I am truly thankful that I was persistent. That persistent attitude I developed as a deer hunter has served me well as a turkey hunter.

Staying persistent kept me out there and I eventually developed the skills to start filling tags.


Knowing that success in any endeavor is a matter of attitude and effort has always been encouraging to me. The encouraging thing is that we have complete control over both. Mastering the technical skills will provide success, but a willingness to take action with a great attitude will take any hunter to a higher level. The “secret” is to take the right actions with the right attitude. Give me an enthusiastic turkey hunter with a cheap box call that understands how to take charge of what he can control and I will show you a hunter who is dangerous to the local gobblers!

“Get After Em!”



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