Monte Perron

Monte Perron


While considering what to write here I asked myself “why am I doing this website?” The answer came easily because I have been EMPOWERING HUNTERS for over 25 years. Before my sons were born I had a twelve year run where I helped someone take their first wild turkey and deer with a bow. That was 24 different hunters that allowed me to be part of their first prospective kill! During those hunts I diligently tried to pass on the skills they would need to go out and have success on their own. That is what I mean by empowerment. I used to do some guiding for turkey hunts, and I always told the potential clients that if they only wanted to kill a bird they might be disappointed. I knew I would try my best, but I had limited control over whether or not they got a turkey. On the other hand, they would be pleased if they wanted to learn the skills necessary to be able to go out and guide themselves. I knew that was accurate because I had 100% control over what I made available in the way of instruction. More than one of those clients called me later to thank me after they had success on their own. By the way, those paid clients weren’t among the previously mentioned 24.

Monte November, 1991

Monte November, 1991

My streak of 24 ended when my sons came along. Why? Having limited time I began the process of introducing them to the woods and hunting. They started tagging along with “daddy” at age 3, and both sons took their first deer at age 7. Introducing them to hunting took careful planning as I protected them from things that could have discouraged them – things like cold weather, gun recoil, and waiting on their quarry. They are teen-agers now and both sons are good hunters. They have both been empowered.

Obviously, I am not done helping my sons in the woods. But they are far enough along for me to once again carve out some time for others. Having the internet makes it possible to be available to more people, and not neglect my sons. I can continue to do what I love – help others be successful in the woods.

So that is what how2hunt is all about – empowering other hunters with the skills they need to be successful. It is obviously a work in progress, but the possibilities are amazing. You won’t find any “Tips of the week” brought to you by “Show Me The Money Hunting Products” here. You will just find tips. Tips that are based on proven strategies that I know are effective because I and the other “Mentors” available here have used them extensively.

Streak of 24

“One of the 24″

Thank you for flattering us with your trust.

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